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Joining our union is easy. Just fill out the simple Membership Form (pdf)

Joining UMPSA gives you many benefits and protections that non-members are not entitled to, iincluding the right to vote on contracts that determine your wages & benefits and free representation in all steps of the grievance process. 

By joining our UMPSA union, you are part of a larger family of colleagues working to improve wages, benefits and job protections for all our members. When you have questions or concerns, even things that may not be at a grievance level, a union representative is only an email, phone, or walk away. 

Being a member of UMPSA means you have a strong advocate on your side when you need it most.
Join our UMPSA union today -- it's easy.

2021-2022 Enrollment Application (pdf)

2021-2022 Dues Schedule (pdf)

If you need any assistance or have questions about joining UMPSA please contact:
Neil Greenberg, UMPSA President, (207) 581-2759 or

Benefits of Members

Members receive full benefits, free MEA grievance representation, and the right to provide input to improve their working conditions -- including the right to vote on contracts.

  • Contract Rights and Benefits
  • Access to Grievance Procedure with Qualified Representation
  • Professional Liability Insurance Policy of $1 Million
  • Legal Help with Certification/Authorization Denials
  • Attorney Representation in Employment-Related Criminal Defense Matters
  • Retirement Counseling Services
  • Access to Amazing Discounts on Everything from Auto Insurance to Car Rentals to Ski Tickets
  • Professional Development Opportunities with CEU's
  • National Board Certification Preparation and Guidance
  • Legal Assistance with Disputed Retirement Claims
  • Expertise and Assistance with Disability Claims
  • Right to Hold Office in Your Local, State, and National Associations
  • Right to Vote in Association Matters - Officers, Contracts, etc.
  • Serve on Your Negotiations Team to Improve Your Pay, Benefits, and Working Conditions

For Non-Members

  • Contract Rights and Benefits
  • Access to pay for Grievance Procedure with Qualified Representation 

While Non-members are covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement their dues-paying colleagues contributed to, they cannot provide input nor vote on contracts. They must also pay to have MEA grievance representation.

Join Our Union

2021-2022 Enrollment Application

2021-2022 Dues Schedule

Member Benefits

MEA and NEA Member Benefits play an important role in addressing the economic issues facing the Association's membership. 

With our commitment to improving the lives of our members and our substantial group buying power; MEA and NEA Member Benefits provides quality products and services that help with many of the financial needs of our members.

The money you save from just a few of these programs will more than offset the cost of your dues.